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Women Rights In Workplace Samples for Students †

Question: Talk about the Women Rights In Workplace. Answer: Presentation. Because of segregation and abuse of female sexual orientation in the working spots, rules have been built up which administer how ladies are treated in their separate working areas.The rights are relied upon to be received in every single association inability to which exacting measures are taken. The rights are appropriate in every nation comprehensively, and they are very much expressed in International Labor Organization (ILO) (Zia, Batool Yasin, 2016). At present, ladies appreciate most opportunities than men today in work environments. Ladies have additionally joined the men in the first class vocations like instructors, specialists, and attorneys. They are additionally spoken to in some specialized occupations recently held for men like truck drivers, creators among others (Pereira Rodrigues, 2014). There additionally exist experimental proof to show that victimization ladies despite everything exists in various structures in their particular work environments. All inclusive, a ll ladies are urged to know their privileges in their working stations and assume liability in helping stop the infringement of the rights (Rakow, 2015). This paper reports the ramifications of representatives, the human asset director (HRM) and pioneers to ladies rights in the working spot (Pereira Rodrigues, 2014). The report is sorted out with the end goal that the impacts are surveyed likewise and ends and suggestions made toward the end. Diagram of the subject. Today, ladies make up 40% of the world workforce (Zia, Batool Yasin, 2016). They have an indispensable influence in the economy of each nation. Openings for work offered to ladies appear to be low internationally (Masson Ross, 2014). Ladies additionally make not exactly their partners in each nation on earth. Ladies are probably going to be poor, under-taught, utilized in low pay and inclined to excusal during desire or getting hitched (Repa Guerin, 2014). In numerous nations, ladies appeared to be dependent upon segregation and denied their privileges like customary compensation and working hours, changeless agreements and opportunity of affiliations. Ladies are likewise liable to be manhandled in issues like sexual brutality, compelled to pregnancy tests and general provocation. In the United States ladies have attempted to some limit yet for the most part the humble occupations for low wages (Reed, 2014). The quantity of ladies in work expanded during the First World War because of a deficiency of men. During the Second World War, the number expanded fundamentally. Ladies took positions which before had been involved by individuals. The quantity of ladies in work environments rose to 7 million, 2 million of them worked in substantial enterprises. Ladies had no conventional work environment rights until the entry of Tittle VII of the Civil rights demonstration of 1964. The demonstration generally underscores on segregation dependent on shading, race, religion, sex and national inception. The Title VII makes it unlawful for managers to reject any certified ladies from any accessible positions. The laws, consequently, enables ladies to sue bosses on the off chance that they feel that they have been avoided from a position dependent on sexual orientation. Laws were additionally marked on the installment of ladies. President John Kennedy marked a law which expressed that ladies ought to be paid same as men (Repa Guerin, 2014). The principles were principally detailed to expand the status of ladies in the workforce. The pace at which ladies have been brought to working environment have not yet coordinated the normal economic wellbeing of ladies (Sadruddin, 2013). The open doors in working spots have expanded, yet the various desires and abusive behavior at home have stayed unaltered (Earl Taylor, 2015). Improvement associations like the World Bank and the United Nations have mediated to guarantee that the fairness in working spots has been however into training. The associations planned for including the ladies in guaranteeing financial development of various nations. The system utilized was figuring ladies rights in work environments. The rights were to be material in each nation. Crusades have likewise been sorted out to address sexual orientation uniformity in the working procedure, yet there exist proof that the endeavors didn't give the normal organic products (Basok, Hall Rivas, 2014). To check or limit decent variety in working spots ladies ought to completely coordinate by guaranteeing t hat they stand up for themselves. Suggestion for representatives. The representatives in all associations ought to guarantee that ladies rights are polished in all exercises. Everyone ought to be engaged with guaranteeing that ladies representatives are agreeable and give the normal quality and yield from their work. Beforehand, there existed the misinterpretation that a few undertakings ought to be performed by specific sexual orientation. The misstep most favored men as predominant and they ought to play out the best occupations in an association (Masson Ross, 2014). In the event that representatives serve a specific boss, it implies that all workers have met the necessities for the activity. The obligations should, in this manner, be done similarly regardless of the sexual orientation. Some individual representatives for the most part imagine that a few assignments in an association like keeping up tidiness ought to be seen by the female sex. Such workers appear to be one-sided, and they ought to consistently understand that every single represe ntative in and association met the prerequisites and the capabilities of the activity before getting utilized (Blank, 2013). In this way the female sexual orientation ought not be viewed as mediocre by different representatives in issues relating task execution. All representatives of any association ought to be enthusiastic about watching morals while going to the doled out obligations. Already numerous cases about ladies badgering by their kindred male representatives while in work have been accounted for (Johnson, Luckhaupt Lawson, 2015). Representatives should regard each other independent of the sexual orientation. A representative of any association where a lady works ought not explicitly pester any lady whatsoever. The representatives ought to participate and guarantee that the workplace is well disposed (Turk, 2016). Inappropriate behavior may incorporate unique remarks by the male laborers, lewd gestures, and contacting. The ladies rights carefully caution the male sex against this and harsh measures are typically taken once such cases are accounted for. Ladies or some other worker ought to straightforwardly be engaged with guaranteeing that the privileges of ladies in the work environment are rehearsed. A few ladies normally bashful off from announcing cases relating inappropriate behavior. Any representative should step up to the plate of watching this and revealing such cases to the separate faculty (Rakow, 2015). On the off chance that a specific representative bugs a lady in the work environment the cases ought to be accounted for to the business opportunity commission or a chief. It is significant that all representatives in an association hold turns in guaranteeing that the privileges of ladies in the working environment are polished. Such procedures increase dignity to each worker, and it makes the workplace neighborly. Greatest outcomes are consequently prone to be delivered since each, and each worker is caught up with assuming their individual jobs (Turk, 2016). Suggestion for human asset director (HRM) The human asset director is officials who interface the business with the representatives. They are experts, and they are relied upon to play out their obligations with high uprightness. They are answerable for enrolling recently recruited employees on the off chance that an opportunity is proclaimed. Human asset director generally observes the smooth running of the association through guaranteeing his representative has their impact true to form (Sadruddin, 2013). The human asset administrator additionally gives that representatives arrange well and handles cases emerging in the gathering relating workers. Since human asset administrator is the work force responsible for enrolling representatives, it is normal that the person in question does it unpredictably. Recruiting representatives ought to be administered by capabilities and experience just as an eagerness to work (Johnson, Luckhaupt Lawson, 2015). Previously, some human asset chief has separated the female sexual orientation with respect to extending employment opportunities. By and large, a few occupations were alluded to as specialized, and it is just the male representatives who were advertised. Because of consistent battle for sexual orientation fairness in issues concerning working environment and presentation of ladies rights in work environment employments are given dependent on capability (Yarber, Sayad Strong, 2013). Human asset chief should see every close to home fit for carrying out all responsibilities gave the individual in question have the necessary abilities. In the event that a lady feels that by any possibilit y the human asset administrator was one-sided in giving chances or extending employment opportunities, she should answer to the essential position who winds up making harsh move on the human asset supervisor. Some human asset director has additionally been accounted for to bug the female sexual orientation with the goal that they can give them some help. The help may incorporate an advancement or extending employment opportunities. Instances of human asset administrator hassling female representatives have been as of late revealed. Some faculty has mentioned for a sexual kindness with the goal that they can elevate or offer occupations to representatives in the association. Such activities can be related with characters who are not skillful with their calling, and they ought to be introduced to a courtroom for damaging ladies rights in the working environment. Ladies who have been searching for a vocation for long days ineffectively or requiring an advancement are probably going to fall into the snare and experience the badgering. Ladies ought to guarantee that their privileges aren't damaged by individuals need to profit themselves by naming themselves as unrivaled basically on the groun ds that they are male. Such sexual orientation based barbaric practices ought to be accounted for in this way fitting estimates taken. Human asset supervisors (HRM) ought to get included straightforwardly in securing the privileges of ladies in the work environment. As experts, they ought not be required any opportunity in disregarding the working privileges of ladies. Value ought to be demanded in allocating of obligations and advancements. The male representatives ought not be liked or named as best in playing out certain undertakings (Cohen Taub, 2013). Capabilities ought to be the determinant on who

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Sales Promotions In Mobile Phone Industry In Pakistan Marketing Essay

Deals Promotions In Mobile Phone Industry In Pakistan Marketing Essay Deals advancements are normally seen as an effectively executed methods for boosting momentary deals. Deals advancements can be separated into exchange advancements, for example, those coordinated at retailers (for example edge recompenses, opening and case stipends) and buyer advancements, which incorporate exercises, for example, premiums, coupons, and cost offs. I will utilize viable instances of retail advancements however I will cover buyer advancements in detail also. There are two deals limited time devices to be specific cost situated and non-cost arranged advancements. Cost arranged advancements incorporate limits, coupons and refunds. While, non-cost arranged advancements incorporate free examples, sweepstakes, challenges, premiums and visit client programs. Cost situated advancements are applauded for their capacity to accomplish momentary outcomes, for example, expanding piece of the pie, empowering brand exchanging and including item preliminary utilization. Non-cost advancements are basically embraced for their capacity to meet such longer-term destinations as upgrading brand picture, reinforcing brand affiliations, or expanding brand dependability. Each brand attempts to draw the consideration of the shopper by notices and value advancements. Thus, the market is described by solid deals tops that are brought about by limited time activities. There has been a lot of intrigue and conversation concerning the expanding extent of a brands limited time spending that is being allotted to deals advancement, regularly to the detriment of promoting use. There are various explanations behind the expansion in deals advancement consumption, for example, raising media expenses and media mess, administrative momentary center, the expanding interest for administrative responsibility, and changes in purchaser dynamic. Another noteworthy purpose behind expanding deals advancement use is the adjustment in a critical position of intensity from maker/specialist co-op to retailer which squeezes producers/specialist organizations to offer exchange advancements. The fundamental explanation of picking this zone of examination is its creativity and plausibility of down to earth application in the business. Likewise, the shoppers are requesting a bonus and later on just those organizations will endure who pleases their clients as opposed to simply fulfilling them and deals advancement can possibly do that. Purpose behind picking this region is that there is absence of research on effectiveness of deals advancements in this market and I trust it would help the experts in such manner. 3: Research question/objective The difficult that have been recognized is that business advancements are huge adds to cost exceptionally in mobile(cellular) administration industry, and don't accomplish wanted advantages if not appropriately arranged, sorted out and determined especially when market is immersed and there is a solid rivalry culture. It helps you move out over the top charges, to attempt new plans and to expand deals at whatever point your organization needs however it has certain confinements too, for instance it might diminish brand esteem and is frequently unusual. Also, it might make hole. Additionally, it might be attractable to new clients yet they may switch in the wake of getting a charge out of the advantages. I have wanted to discover how organizations working in cell phone industry can all the more likely use the business advancement instrument to assist association and thusly increment generally benefits and brand picture. The fundamental goals of the examination are: To legitimize the advantages of dispensed spending plan to deals advancements. To distinguish the planning and length of an ideal deals advancement. Focal points and disservices of deals advancements for Telecommunication Industry. 4: Research technique Specialist have wanted to structure a poll dependent on buyer perspective with respect to deals advancements, likewise expect to direct study utilizing survey from Mobilink directors (by means of email). The business advancement arranging, examples and possibility at Mobilink will likewise be concentrated so as to help examine with useful ramifications. Mix of quantitative and subjective research techniques will be utilized and will attempt to make it more reasonable as opposed to hypothetical yet it will be a blend of writing survey and handy applications in industry. The subjective research will be bolstered by utilizing a survey loading up with supervisors and clients and using perception methods by getting the client perspective. For quantitative research, the review inquire about utilizing surveys and will get some information about the utilization designs so as to look at the when impact of deals advancements on purchasing conduct. 5: Data Collection and Analysis I have intended to investigate the information by using Multiple discriminant examination (MDA) and will attempt to discover the relationship between deals special instruments and its specific impact on shopper purchasing conduct. Vermin, SWOT examination just as the budgetary and deals investigation of portable organizations under perception will be led. 6: Literature Review Analyst will investigate a portion of the diaries written in such manner . The business advancement typology can be comprehensively isolated into customer advancements, retailer advancements and exchange advancements (Teunter, 2002, Pp. 5). Customer advancements are offered by producers for purchasers as a team with retailers and retail advancements are offered by retailers for buyers. Exchange advancements are to some degree distinctive in light of the fact that they are offered by producers to impact retailers or other exchange substances so they can be convinced to offer products to different gatherings. All business advancements are endeavors to impact client conduct and these showcasing endeavors attempt to convince clients to buy a greater amount of the product that has been remembered for the advancement exertion. Not exclusively do deals advancements offer feature the product that has been chosen for advancement, yet they likewise offer impermanent value limits or different i nstigations, for example, coupons or refunds, that have been intended to improve customer intrigue and to convince them to buy a greater amount of chosen items. Nonetheless, non value advancements that offer premiums, participation to clients clubs or passage to sweepstakes that can give a better than average prize to a couple are helpful in upgrading energy and shopper intrigue. Value cuts, alluring presentation, include featuring and a blend of the entirety of the recently referenced attractions are frequently a piece of advancements. Customers like advancements in light of the fact that these occasions offer decadent delights including diversion, investigation and self articulation alongside monitory reserve funds and a capacity to buy brand things that may have been unreasonably expensive on account of their high normal costs. 5Although distributed writing identified with advancements has shown that expanded limited time spending in the moderately ongoing past is being addressed as being proficient as far as its capacity to convey returns, it must be valued that the expense of publicizing has likewise taken off over the pace of expansion and it is hard to arrive at a wide decent variety of buyers adequately with a solitary promoting message that must be introduced on a continually expanding plenty of mediums that incorporates print, TV, radio and site and so on which pull in various portions of the all out market populace (Teunter, 2002, Pp. 6). Various hypothetical models that endeavor to clarify client conduct with respect to advancements have been introduced and these incorporate the monetary model, the upgrade reaction model, the improvement creature reaction model and attribute hypothesis (Teunter, 2002, Chapter 2). The monetary model applied to advancements endeavors to clarify client reaction as far as an unwinding of their spending plans because of discounted costs which makes it feasible for them to buy even more a retail thing which may have been engaging, however to some degree far off. The upgrade reaction model applied to deals advancements endeavors to clarify the effect of advancements on clients as far as an administration of the social learning of clients that endeavors to introduce fitting signals about buy conduct and perspectives towards retail things that are being advanced and which are probably going to be replicated by purchasers. Vicarious realizing which happens by clients because of an advancement is required to energize new item reception. Old style molding is required to spur buyers to act and buy a retail thing that is being advanced, operant molding is relied upon to strengthen the message that a client needs a thing and this additionally energizes passionate connection for a thing, while the upgrade reaction creature model endeavors to make and interpret a clients impression of the earth, (attribution, value observation, saw hazard and prospect hypothesis), into real customer decision for a retail thing. In any case, it must be valued that endeavors to condition purchasers for an item costs cash and a retailer must have the option to legitimize the assets that are spent as far as expanded deals, client dedication and client appreciation. Likewise, advancements are attempted in such a case that a retailer stops to enjoy advancements, at that point some other retailer will improve by offering advancements to clients and along these lines they are probably going to increase an edge on those retailers that are not offering advancements. All things considered, clients need an incentive for their cash and will spend where they are probably going to get the most as far as items, accommodation, quality and fervor. In this manner, retailers need to by one way or another figure out what they can offer to clients dependent on their profit in a way that is probably going to satisfy clients most and trust that their endeavors will build deals and improve client unwaveringness. . 7: Practical and moral issues I consider classification client information and friends explicit data w

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Discussing British Empire Essay Topics

<h1>Discussing British Empire Essay Topics</h1><p>British Empire papers are great approaches to show history on account of the shifted and interesting perspectives they present. Domain is frequently utilized as an allegory to clarify away the muddled and complex issues that accompany complex authentic occasions. Domain, regardless of whether it is officially characterized, is just an endeavor to allot a practically fake and baseless idea to something that is hard to characterize, particularly with a progression of tests.</p><p></p><p>But regardless of whether the term is utilized to cover the whole landmass of Africa, it is difficult to discuss the British Empire without beginning with the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Or then again a pilgrim period in which individuals were administered by white troopers, who were similarly as dependent upon European principle. The point here is that there was such a mind-bending concept as the British Empire; it was not a corporate element, nor was it only a question of geology or population.</p><p></p><p>The assortment of paper themes that understudies can look over is practically boundless. Furthermore, this is unequivocally why understudies love them to such an extent. They present a large group of assorted perspectives from two unique times, one of which is obviously the most oblivious according to antiquarians and specialists; yet it is additionally apparently the most compelling.</p><p></p><p>Now, what is the purpose of evaluating British Imperial History? All things considered, since pretty much every part of study tends to some type of authentic investigation, including political, social, social, abstract, or even logical, there is a not insignificant rundown of subjects to cover, however presumably the most significant ones incorporate expounding on the British 'Emperorship' itself, what precisely it intended to the individuals of the British Empire and its different settlements, and what was the fate of its unique standards. Regardless of what point you pick, there will be a test that you have to ensure your understudy is prepared for.</p><p></p><p>But talking about these Empire paper themes is to ensure you get the most ideal portrayal of the recorded occasion within reach. On the off chance that the radicals were bigot, it's more than likely they did a ton of beneficial things for the number of inhabitants in the realm. In the event that the individuals of the British Empire had no information on the way of life or the best possible utilization of language, it was no mishap that the domain broadened itself into Africa.</p><p></p><p>As with any article, Empire will in general be a vague science. While it tends to be finished by anybody with the capacity to compose, it's additionally obvious that any closely-held conviction is to a great extent unessential whe n composing such a paper. Therefore, it's a smart thought to have all members on the same wavelength; as it were, every member must be eager to impart their insights about the occasions that happened in the past.</p><p></p><p>This in itself can prompt some fascinating thoughts, both great and awful, about the subject of Imperial History. In any case, it is likewise not to state that you can't likewise transform an Empire article into a show; one ought to likewise recall that the essential target of a paper is to introduce an insightful investigation and chronicled point of view about a particular issue.</p>

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Essay Writing Practice - Using English Essay Writing Practice Online Free

<h1>Essay Writing Practice - Using English Essay Writing Practice Online Free</h1><p>If you are thinking about English paper composing practice online free for two or three hours per day at that point reconsider. The nature of the training and the outcomes it gives you will be influenced by what you compose down.</p><p></p><p>You can utilize this free practice to improve your composing aptitudes, yet it is best not to. You have to compose as though you were composing an exposition. It ought not be excessively hard or excessively simple, the most significant thing is you have to work at it.</p><p></p><p>When you take a gander toward the finish of the free practice you ought to get a feeling of what you will get yourself into in the event that you decided to compose that exposition without a doubt. The sentences ought to be standard yet not all that much so they sound excessively formal or too casual.</p><p>& lt;/p><p>The sentence structure should stream pleasantly without such a large number of or too barely any words. There ought to be no mistakes in syntax and spelling and the entire exposition ought to be very much organized and efficient. In short the article ought to be good.</p><p></p><p>If it isn't then you will burn through your time on the off chance that you decide to compose the paper. It might be enticing to click a couple of mouse taps on the console and duplicate down the structure. The PC might have the option to peruse your paper, however the exposition will not.</p><p></p><p>Writing great English article composing practice is troublesome, yet composing great papers isn't too hard, simply figure out how to compose well and you will see that there is a ton as said for a decent English article composing practice. By composing practice papers you will pick up trust in your composition and you will improve your composi ng abilities. It is the best way to go.</p><p></p><p>A course in English composing ought to incorporate paper composing practice. The exercises should assist you with writing plainly and to look great writing.</p>

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Essay Help - How to Find Student Essay Samples That Will Help Your Essay Get Noticed

<h1>Essay Help - How to Find Student Essay Samples That Will Help Your Essay Get Noticed</h1><p>Writing an understudy paper for a test or test has gotten probably the hardest activity. An understudy can go through hours making an astonishing paper however it won't help them in the test in the event that they can't compose an awesome essay.</p><p></p><p>One approach to improve your article composing is to ensure that you get hold of some understudy exposition tests. These will give you what to do in the kind of exposition that you are composing, when to utilize the right sentence structure and the right sub-topics.</p><p></p><p>In this article I will educate you concerning a few hints that you can follow so as to locate the best paper tests accessible. The primary thing that you ought to do is glance around on the web, you ought to have the option to discover a lot of assets where you can get exhortation on what to do w hen composing an essay.</p><p></p><p>The second thing that you can do is to contact the college where you are considering, most colleges will have an extraordinary office that will permit you to discover how to send their article tests. The other extraordinary thought that you can do is to make a few inquiries, a few people will reveal to you how to improve your article so you can help them by giving them some valuable tips. Another smart thought is to get some master guidance from an exposition mentor.</p><p></p><p>The third thing that you ought to do is to talk with somebody who is a specialist on composing a paper. An article tutor is somebody who will give you direction on the best way to build up an exposition that is both great and significant. Additionally a mainstream activity is to request that the educator permit you to have an exposition mentor to give you some guidance.</p><p></p><p>The fourth thing that you ought to do is to go on the web and quest for a portion of the understudy paper tests that are accessible for nothing. You ought to have the option to discover a variety of ones which will help you in building up an exposition that will be intriguing for the peruser and that is both critical and important. The fifth thing that you ought to do is to include a portion of the tips that you have figured out how to the substance of your essay.</p><p></p><p>The 6th and the exact opposite thing that you ought to do is to attempt to discover a portion of the paper tests that are uninhibitedly accessible for download. This will permit you to rehearse on them and to have the option to utilize the tips that you have gained from the example to improve your exposition even more.</p>

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10 Things to Look Out For When Writing a Custom Resume

<h1>10 Things to Look Out For When Writing a Custom Resume</h1><p>Writing a custom resume is the most fundamental thing that you need to do while going after a position. It isn't sufficient to have a standard a couple of page continue. This sort of resume is a whole lot of nothing in the event that it doesn't meet all the prerequisites of the organization and simultaneously it additionally gives more data than what is necessary.</p><p></p><p>Hence, a resume that has a profile on the individual, his work understanding, instruction and accomplishments have any kind of effect to the organization. Accordingly, a resume ought to be in accordance with the necessities of the company.</p><p></p><p>Writing a custom resume is something that expects you to invest more energy to be certain that you get everything in the letter right. In this way, before composing a custom resume, there are a couple of things that you have to watch out for.</p><p></p><p>First of all, you should check whether the resume you are composing is in accordance with the necessity of the organization. You should ensure that you get all the data in your letter in accordance with the organization's prerequisites. On the off chance that you find that you have passed up anything, at that point you ought to have it set apart in the resume to ensure that the organization will utilize it.</p><p></p><p>The content should be as per the necessities of the organization also. There might be a few occupations that are requiring formal composed substance, though there may be employments that don't necessitate that much formal composed content.</p><p></p><p>Secondly, you should check if the letter is as a matter of first importance for you. You will likely ensure that your letter is made to interest the eyes of the individual perusing the letter.</p><p></p>< p>Thirdly, you ought to abstain from doing basic errors like utilizing a similar configuration in each letter. It will likewise be better on the off chance that you can incorporate a CV layout rather than the entire letter. Thusly, you will have the option to abstain from making these regular mistakes.</p><p></p><p>These tips will definitely help you recorded as a hard copy a custom resume that is appropriate for the necessity of the organization. When you follow these tips, your activity will be simpler in light of the fact that you will realize how to compose a custom resume, which is customized to the necessities of the company.</p>

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What is the value of life - Free Essay Example

The everlasting question that comes up into discussion time and time again in our lifetime is â€Å"what is the value of life?† Is the value of someone’s life only determined in monetary value or emotional value? Overtime throughout the decades people try to find the proper and respectful value of one’s life and if that involves putting it into monetary value. Is it righteous to measure the value of someone’s life in monetary value or by one’s emotional creativity and connection? asserts that their Human Life Calculator â€Å"helps you assess the financial loss your family would incur if you were to die today.† I agree that it is good to get a rough estimate of how much you will be making in the future. However, your life, any human life should not value the true purpose of true purpose of their life based on a calculator. Money is just numbers, I personally hate that a piece of paper can differentiate poverty and wealth, rank classes, and social classes. People can offer so much more than just money and people sometimes forget about that. Money can buy you happiness to an extent, but I personally believe it shouldn’t. In Chris Jone’s â€Å"Roger Ebert: The Essential Man,† Jone describes Ebert as a movie critic who lost his jaw to a tragic battle with cancer losing his capability to speak, drink, or eat on his own. Now one may think that we the end of his life, his career but Ebert clearly demonstrated that he cherished his life and was not scared of death and instead embraced it to do better things for himself and his work. Robert Ebert was absolutely an optimist as you can see through his words. He avoided talking about the struggles he had to face when losing his jaw and instead focused on the brighter side of life. Even with his lost of speaking Jones claims, â€Å"In his dreams, his voice never left him,† (Paragraph 24) which shows the audience that even though Ebert has lost his ability to speak he never lost his perspective of life. There isn’t any way money can influence the self-worth of someone’s life. I have gone and continue to go through so much hardships and heartbreaks daily that no one would ever know. I want to give up every day, but I don’t. As much as I want to just close my eyes and say this is it, I never do. Even though these thoughts are eating me up inside, I continuously have to tell myself that I am enough, smart, beautiful, intelligent, independent, strong and caring. And that with God who strengthens me, I will overcome all obstacles life throws at me. I continue to live every day, I wake up every morning, and I strive to be the best version of myself in every opportunity for my little sisters so that they don’t have to experience struggle and instead enjoy their lives to its fullest potential. My sisters are truly my will to live, my motivation to do and be better, and they are the value of my entire life. The value of life is what you make of it, you are the only one responsible for establishing life’s truest value which is whatever that is important to you. No person’s life can be bought by any amount of money. It is important to know your life worth, take a deep look at yourself and cherish what you have made of yourself and your perspective on your life. The world can never put a price tag on your life because you are uniquely priceless.