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Assignment Project Management and Quiz Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Assignment Project Management and Quiz - Essay Example For each PERT action, estimates are amalgamated thrice in order to settle on the potential activity completion period. On the other hand, in the case of CPM it is supposition is that the times are identified by assurance. The development of PERT took place in the period of 1958 when the Special Projects Office belonging to the U.S. Navy first founded the Program Evaluation and Review Technique (PERT) in order to prepare and manage the program of Polaris missile. Even today, PERT is used to supervise unlimited schedules of different government agreements. In 1957, about the same period as PERT, J. E.Kelly from Remington Rand as well as M. R.Walker belonging to du Pont worked out the critical path method (CPM). Initially, at du Pont CPM assisted in the construction and preservation of chemical plants. Among all the procedures of CPM and PERT six of them are similar in both cases. Initially, this includes portraying the project as well as all its momentous tasks or actions. Secondly, bu ilding up the connections among the activities and selecting which of the actions would head others. Thirdly, it involves mapping out the network linking the entire list of activities. Fourthly, it comprises of allocating time and the estimations of costs to individual activities. Next, it consists of calculating the most extensive time path via the network. Lastly, it contains the utilization of the network to assist in preparing, arranging, supervising and administrating the project. Both of these techniques are very advantageous. They formally recognize the duties and tasks which must be finalized on time in order to ensure that the entire project finishes on time. Moreover, it also works out which jobs and duties can be delayed for a period of time if there is a need for the reallocation of resources to get hold of the missed jobs. Conversely, the connection between tasks and time is not immediately clear. This makes it difficult for others to understand them who are not familia r with these techniques. Example of St. Paul Hospital In order to complete the project of the construction of St. Paul hospital, PERT and CPM techniques were used. Primarily, it was decided to select the medical and administrative staff for the hospital. Secondly, the site where the hospital would be located was chosen followed by extensive site survey in order to determine whether the site was suitable or not for the construction to begin. Subsequently, the selection of all the essential equipments was made which will be required to carry out the tasks in the hospital. Next, the final and conclusive construction proposals and designs were prepared. Followed by this, the utilities were to be brought to the site in order to begin the procedure of establishing the hospital. Later on the process of recruitment and selection of the hospital staff was to be carried out. This included sending out application forms along with the specified designation which was required. When the applicant s applied, interviews were to be held and positions were to be filled of the hospital staff. After that all the selected vital equipments were to be purchased and delivered to the site. Eventually, the construction of the hospital was to begin and ultimately completed. Work Cited Render.B, Stair.M.S, Hanna.M.E. Quantitative Analysis for Management. 10th Ed. NY: McGraw-Hill Publishing Company Limited,

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