Thursday, November 28, 2019

Hi class my name is Ricky lee Norris Jr. I was bor Essays

Hi class my name is Ricky lee Norris Jr. I was born in Los Angles California but moved to Daytona Beach Florida at the age of four years old. I'm 21 years old; my birthday is may 1 st shouts out to out tarsus in the room. When I got to Daytona Beach everybody was either playing football or basketball. I was always bigger then everyone bigger as in fatter I was a fat kid, so I picked football over basketball. Now don't get me wrong I played basketball to but I just loved football just because you can hit someb ody and easily get away with it. See with football you really have to put your all into it, or your just wasting your time I promise you, you will. Just practice period alone is a job at Tuskegee University. On Mondays , Wednesday and Friday's practice starts at 4:20 pm after all your classes but on Tuesday and Thursday practices is at 4:00 am before all your classes. It is cold as ever out there early in the morning the ground be frozen. Then after pra ctice you still have to go to class then after class the team got to go the weight room at 4. As a football player you're very busy but i t's all worth it because Saturday comes around and yo u can beat up on the other team.

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